Urgent prayer!!!

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST!!!! We were in an accident in Florida! We hit a gator! We now have to spend money that we REALLY don’t have!!! PLEASE PRAY!!!! Nobody was hurt, but this is gonna be expensive, and our jobs DEPEND on us having a vehicle!!! WE NEED A MIRACLE! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Also, we saw an abrasion on Liz’s arm that we think is from the airbag. Please pray that that’s all it is.

I feel as though I’ve failed God and my family!!!! 😒😒😒

I really thought God wanted us to move to Florida! I feel like a complete failure!!! I AM STRUGGLING, AND NEED URGENT PRAYER FOR MY HEART, MIND, AND SITUATION!!! WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!!!

I am STRUGGLING!!!! I feel as though I made a HUGE MISTAKE, and that God is punishing me! Please give me grace enough to pray for me! I’m trying to be hopeful, but right now, I’M COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED!!!! WE NEED A BONA FIDE, TANGIBLE, REAL RESPONSE FROM GOD!!!!

I am at a LOSS to know what to do!!!

25 thoughts on “Urgent prayer!!!

    • bornagain732 June 4, 2021 / 12:54 pm

      I’m going to too! πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

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  1. seekingdivineperspective June 4, 2021 / 12:56 pm

    Linda, please pass this on to your friend from a 68-year-old Christian who has trusted Jesus for over half a century.
    1. The Lord NEVER punishes His children for making a mistake, especially when they sincerely believe they are obeying.
    2. This doesn’t mean you have let your family down or let God down. It could be you are right on track, and the enemy knows it and is desperately trying to stop you. His aim is to steal, kill, and destroy. But God has kept you all alive. Keep looking to Him. He’s got this. I’ll be praying for you.

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    • Sherry June 4, 2021 / 3:45 pm

      It could also mean that God has a lesson you will need to learn to help you in this endeavor. Its a time to grow more, and become even closer to God; do not be discouraged or doubting. He will come through for you! Its about way more than the accident and the expenses and the avoidance of gators when driving in Florida. Look to your heavenly Father for He tenderly cares for you. Let Him provide your vehicle and guide you; as He has already done for you He will continue to do. Remember your Ebenezer Stone-thus far has He carried you. Prayers, dear brother, for your peace of mind. I have seen that each trouble we go through has prepared us for what’s ahead. God is great in His mercy to do that. Give your doubts to Jesus, precious brother. You know He won’t let you down but will be the lifter of your head, amen! \o/

      For His name’s sake and for His glory, may our prayers on your behalf be answered, amen! \o/

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      • bornagain732 June 4, 2021 / 6:09 pm


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  2. bornagain732 June 4, 2021 / 12:57 pm

    Do you wonder if Satan is trying to make you think God is punishing you?

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  3. Cathy June 4, 2021 / 1:12 pm

    Take courage Paul. Our God is a God of tender mercies. He loves you and your family and will help you in your day of trouble.

    Psalm 103:4 Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies;

    Psalm 50:15 And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.

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  4. Paul Martin June 4, 2021 / 1:50 pm

    Thank all of you so much!!! I am humbled by all the responses and prayers!!!! I trust God! I had a momentary “losing it” moment! I apologize! I hope y’all will forgive me.

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    • Sherry June 4, 2021 / 3:55 pm

      Don’t apologize. We all go through this at times no matter how close we are to our Beloved. It helps us to remember who our God truly is as He brings us back to our senses. God bless you in all that you do for His kingdom, by His power and for His glory, amen! \o/

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  5. bornagain732 June 4, 2021 / 6:10 pm

    Exactly what Sherry said, Paul!! \o/

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  6. Beverley June 14, 2021 / 6:31 pm

    We are praying for you. I want to encourage you that as long as you are a child of God He is directing your path. Sometimes the path will be bumpy but be strong and continue to trust in God. He has your back. I will continue to bear you up in my prayers.

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  7. Cathy June 18, 2021 / 1:17 pm

    Paul, we haven’t forgotten you and are still praying for you all.

    Ephesians 6:10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

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