Planned Parenthood’s Assault on the Black Community!

If you do the research, you’ll find that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger was an avowed racist and eugenicist. She called the African American population a “weed that needs to be pulled”. She specifically desired that her “clinics” be set up in poor minority (prominitely black) neighborhoods! She also advocated for the forced sterilization of African American women, and she spoke out at many racist venues, including at KKK rallies. She once said that Planned Parenthood doesn’t want the African American population to find out their agenda!!! Democrats are the party that SUPPORT Planned Parenthood! And African Americans are >90% Democrat by voting statistics!!! The African American community needs to WAKE UP!!!

6 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood’s Assault on the Black Community!

  1. bornagain732 February 20, 2020 / 5:05 pm

    That little baby on your post is TOOOO CUTE!!!

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      • bornagain732 February 20, 2020 / 5:07 pm

        I have 2 great nephews that are mixed and they are so beautiful and precious!!!

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  2. Lady Quixote/Linda Lee February 20, 2020 / 8:36 pm

    This is an excellent post, Paul. Here is a link to a recent pro-life article that you may find interesting:

    Forty-six years ago, I was a divorced mother with a two-year-old son. Struggling with mental health issues, I had recently been fired from my minimum wage job and was living on welfare. My car was constantly breaking down, and I had no money to fix it. My little boy and I lived in a tiny travel trailer that was at least forty years old, probably one of the first such trailers ever built. My life seemed utterly hopeless at that time. The last thing I needed was another child, right?

    I went to see a doctor who told me that I was about six weeks pregnant. He also said I had a uterine tumor. He urged me to let him abort the baby to save my life. Because I was on welfare, the state would pay for it, he said.

    I told that doctor NO, walked out of his office, and never went back. Today, my daughter — the child that I had “every reason to abort” — is a licensed therapist with a thriving practice in Washington state. And HER daughter graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor’s degree a few years ago, then she graduated from Harvard Extension School with a Master’s degree, and today she is a PhD student at the University of Syracuse, in New York.

    Every life is precious. Every. Single. One.

    P.S. About that uterine tumor — either it went away on its own, or the doctor was wrong. I will be 67 years old in a couple of months and I still have all my body parts, with no signs of any tumors.


  3. Paul Martin February 20, 2020 / 11:01 pm

    Thank you, Linda!!! I LOVE your story!!! Wow! Just WOW!!! Praise the Lord! If only others would see the value of life!!!


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